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Tech Help Services

Welcome to Infinity Bridges, where we help bridge you into the future of technology!    Below you'll find our master list of services for all of our tech help services pricing.  We come to you for lessons, installations, troubleshooting, general tech support, and more!  We can travel to anywhere in the state of Virginia or offer remote help to pretty much any part of the globe!  We aren't big tech, we're small tech.  If we can't help you, we'll find someone who can!

Basic Computer Scan:


Is your computer running a little slow?  Do you keep getting pop ups that you don't understand?  Has it been a while since you cleaned out your drives and deleted old unnecessary files?  We can help!  We'll run a basic scan on your computer and essentially tidy it up and get rid of old and broken files as well as check it for malware, viruses, and other performance issues.  If the clean up doesn't require anything intrusive, then the clean up is included in the scan!

Phone/Tablet Data Transfer:


Did you just get a new phone or tablet but haven't set it up yet?  Want to get your old information onto a new device or vice versa?  We can help you transfer all of your photos, videos, text messages, emails, applications (apps), files, etc. from one device to another.  We can also help you back up your device to a computer or cloud if need be so you don't lose anything in the future!  Even if you are having trouble accessing the devices, give us a call and we'll do everything we can!

Phone/Tablet Lesson:


Did you just make a switch from iPhone to Android or vice versa?  Are you trying to do something intricate with your device that you haven't done before?  Are you not used to the technology in newer mobile devices?  No worries!  We can come to you to sit down one-on-one and teach you what you want or need to know.  If it takes 30 mins or if it takes 3hrs, the price is set and we will only end the session when you let us know that you are comfortable and understand the lesson plan fully!

Computer OS Upgrade:


Windows 11 is here!  Whether we like it or not, technology changes and evolves and part of our job at Infinity Bridges is to help make sure you don't get lost in the process.  One of the ways we do that is by helping you with an operating system (OS) upgrade.  Whether you use, Windows, MAC, Linux, or something else, we can help you get to the next level of your OS.  This is especially important for older devices that may not support the new releases fully.  Let us help you bridge your computer into the future!

Wi-Fi Extender Installation:


Is your wi-fi working but not really reaching another part of the house or is it weaker when multiple people are connected?  Let us help you extend your wi-fi range and take a load off of your bandwidth by installing a wi-fi extender!  These small devices are inexpensive and easy to use once installed.  They essentially piggy back off of your wi-fi router and use their own signal to boost the range of your current system.  Some devices even have an additional ethernet port so you can have a dedicated line to a new device like a gaming device or home office computer!

Cable Management:


Do you have a bunch of cables laying around behind your computer or TV that get in the way of everything?  We can help untangle them and organize them or even hide them from sight so you don't need to worry about getting wires crossed again!  Organizing wires is $25 and hiding them is $50.  **Rewiring whole home or organizing a home with 3 or more computers/TVs is $150**

Phone/Tablet Troubleshoot:


Is your mobile device not working the way you need it to?  Do you keep getting pop ups or ads on your home screen?  Is your phone not making a sound or powering on or off correctly?  No matter the case, we can troubleshoot it and find the cause of the issue.  If your device is broken beyond repair, contact us anyway!  We can help you find a replacement for a fraction of the cost without having to go through your carrier!

Printer Installation or Troubleshoot:


Let's be honest.  Printers are like the cats of the tech world.  Most of the time they are simple and easy to look after but sometimes they just stop working without warning or go on the fritz when you least expect it.  Whether you are installing a new printer or are trying to fix the one you already have, we can help!

Wi-Fi Modem/Router Installation or Troubleshoot:


Have you purchased a new modem or router to for your internet connection at home?  We can install it for your professionally.  While it's true that in many cases all you need to do to get it running is to plug it in and sync it to your home but what we do is more than that.  We'll find the best placement for it, help with the wiring, and also test it professionally so you don't have to wonder if it is defective or faulty.  We'll also help you setup brand new passwords and secure your device so you aren't as vulnerable to hackers or neighbors!

Orbital Wi-Fi Extender Installation:


Orbital wi-fi or "whole home" wi-fi is essentially a mesh system similar to a wi-fi extender but instead it is a group of them and they are far more powerful.  If you have a home that powers more than 10 devices we highly recommend getting a mesh system installed.  This is also a MUST for any smart home setups to ensure that you have a solid connection and stable upload and download speeds while powering your home and devices.  This system is also part of how our name came to be Infinity Bridges!

What Our Clients Say:

Work Desk

Susan C.

Derrick is always willing to take the time to listen and understand the problem, and usually understands it much better than I! And then he goes efficiently about solving it. I depend totally on his knowledge, his work ethic, and his solutions!

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