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Miscellaneous Services

Welcome to Infinity Bridges where we offer more than we can ever hope to list!  On this page, you'll find details about all of our different rates that can't quite fit on the other lists.  You'll find our hourly pricing as well as our charges for travel and more.  Here at Infinity Bridges, we do more so you can be more!

Travel Fee:


At Infinity Bridges, we come to you!  This means that we drive our own personal vehicles to meet you anywhere in Virginia.  Whether you are in Norfolk or just south of D.C. we drive to you!  Our travel fees are modest and we intend to keep them that way as long as possible.  The way it works is simple.  If you live within 30 miles of Harrisonburg, VA the charge is $15.  If you live anywhere from 31 to 60 miles from Harrisonburg it's $30.  If you live further than 60 miles from Harrisonburg it's $50.  

Service Fee:


This small flat service fee is for us to be able to take checks and credit/debit cards.  This allows us to be able to offer you the services you need for affordable prices.

Miscellaneous Service Charges:


At Infinity Bridges, we are capable of doing more than what is listed.  This price list is for those times where our clients hire us for jobs that may be off the beaten path of our original platform.  For instance, if you need help with a landline phone or troubleshooting a TV box.  Even though that may not what we do all the time, it is something that is within our scope of expertise.  Smaller jobs are charged at $25, medium jobs are charged at $50, and larger jobs are charged at $100 respectably.  **All miscellaneous charges are subject to discretion by the technician onsite/on call**

Remote Support Tool Installation and Connect Fee:


One amazing tool that Infinity Bridges has at its disposal is a software that allows us to connect to your computer remotely so we can help you almost instantly.  The initial installation of the software is $10 and every time we connect it is also $10.  This allows us to be able to afford the software that we use and it also allows our clients to save money on the travel fee if it is an issue that can be solved over the phone.

Quick Consult:


Do you have a question that we can solve for you over the phone or by remote access in 15 minutes or less?  Call us and we'll gladly help you out.  This quick consult fee is important to ensure that our team is able to help our clients efficiently and be rewarded for their knowledge and assistance.

User Account Management:


Did you get locked out of an account that you cannot get back into no matter how many times you try to reset your password?  Do you need to create a new account for an online store or need help with a social media account?  We can help you get back on track safely and securely!

Miscellaneous Hourly:

$60 (per hour)

At Infinity Bridges, we handle a wide variety of jobs.  Some are quick and some take a very long time.  We strive for excellence in efficiency and stay dedicated to pleasing our clients.  Some jobs take a long while and this is where the miscellaneous hourly charge comes into play.  This charge is for jobs that can take 6 hours or more and is to ensure that our technicians get paid properly for the time spent on the job site.  We always make sure our pricing is as fair as possible to ensure that our teams are paid a living wage and we can continue to be the local leader in onsite tech support while offering competitive rates to our clients.

Business Pricing:

$60 (per hour)

At Infinity Bridges we have clients in both the residential and business sector.  For all of our business clients, we charge a flat rate of $60 per hour (not including the travel fee or service fee).

What Our Clients Say:

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Work Desk

Susan C.

Derrick is always willing to take the time to listen and understand the problem, and usually understands it much better than I! And then he goes efficiently about solving it. I depend totally on his knowledge, his work ethic, and his solutions!

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