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Graphic Design and Website Creation Services

Welcome to Infinity Bridges!  We offer a wide variety of technology services which include basic graphic design and web creation.  Whether you are a local business or content creator, we can help you get your website up and running and any marketing materials you may need.  We can also help with logos, banners, flyers, brochures, business cards, and much more!  Below you'll find a list of our services and pricing.

Basic Logo Design:


If you are looking for a sleek logo with a basic design for your business or content, look no further!  Here at Infinity Bridges, we offer logo design for local businesses, content creators, local clubs, churches, and more!

Web Design Down Payment:


At Infinity Bridges we strive to provide affordable web design prices so more businesses and individuals can have access to our services.  We have a one time non-refundable down payment that we ask of all of our clients.  This is both for our design team as well as our clients so we can make sure that the job is secure and can start.  We don't take any money after the down payment until the website is ready for launch which can be a lot of work.  By putting the $25 down and putting a card on file, we can then solidify the agreement and start designing the website that is perfect for your business right away!

Web Design Start Up Cost:


Each website that we create is different.  Therefore the start up cost is going to vary along with it.  All websites have hosting fees and other smaller charges that go along with it like email addresses (, google my business account creation, etc.  All hosting fees are not the same.  For instance, a landing page is going to cost less than an online store.  So it is important for our teams and our clients to work together on finding out the best options that work for our clients and go from there.  All start up costs will be charged at launch with the hourly design cost.

Flyer Design:


Do you have a flyer that you need for a local event or business?  We can help you create a flyer that stands out, gets to the point, and really reflects what it is our clients are trying to promote.  We can also print them for you for an additional fee and have them shipped or help you find an alternative print source that is local to you.  So whether you are a door to door salesperson or a local band promoting a show, we can help you get the flyers you need with an efficient turn around time.

Web Design Hourly Price:

$60 (per hour)

All of our websites have an hourly charge of $60 during the design process.  However, rest assured that the majority of the sites we design can be done in roughly 5-6 hours or less.  However, if the website is more intricate it can take longer.  Our team has yet to take longer than 10 hours to design a website.  So far, the quickest time was a landing page that took 1 hour to complete.  We do not charge until the work is done and the product is ready for launch.  Our team will launch your new site within the hour after receiving payment.

What Our Clients Say:

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Work Desk

Susan C.

Derrick is always willing to take the time to listen and understand the problem, and usually understands it much better than I! And then he goes efficiently about solving it. I depend totally on his knowledge, his work ethic, and his solutions!

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